who wants Bilstein HDs

Ingo Rautenberg irautenberg at comcast.net
Tue Jun 25 22:19:09 EDT 2002

OK, that may explain the communication gap (what Peter mentioned below).

"The 1991 200 has a forged upper mount, hence the price difference.


I'm talking about the strut bearings PN 441 412 249 A, not the upper strut
mounts 441 412 377 D, which I have NEVER had to replace (either on the v8q
or the 200q20v).  Why would you need to replace the upper strut mounts,


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> Ingo-
> What could they be? How complicated is it to ask for upper strut mounts
> and be
> told $300 vs. $20? Rod even told me that the 5ktq mounts were around
> $20.
> You sure you all aren't using something different? I guess I'll look the
> parts
> up on ETKA and find out if there really are two different part numbers.
> Taka

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