distributor removal?

Dan Simoes dans at audifans.com
Wed Jun 26 00:58:38 EDT 2002

> You'll need small hands, a 13mm wrench and lots of patience and it will
> come out without removing the manifold... BTDT a month ago on my 200q20v.

Ditto.  Sears sells a stubby 13mm wrench that worked well coming at the
nut from the drivers side, with the cap/wires off.
Coming from the passengers side with the cap still on, I needed a longer
wrench so I used a regular sized (around 5" or so) wrench.

> You'll need patience because you'll only be able to turn the nut (that's
> not a bolt) 1/8th of a turn at one time.


To get the safety rivet/cover off, I used a long thin chisel (again from
Sears) from inside the intake manifold runner, going straight down at
the distributor and just banged it until it got loose and the rivet
eventually broke.

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