which chip should I go with?

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The adage "you can have as much power as you can afford" applies.  A chip
(MTM/Hoppen or IA) will give you about 275-280 HP.  Yes, stay away from TAP.
No personal experience, only a lot of complaints heard.  Ned at IA will give
you more personal attention, especially as your engine grows in power.
Hoppen was in charge of Audi Sport during their amazing early years and the
MTM chip he distributes is a good product.  But to get 300HP or more you
need to start spending more money than just a chip.  Larger turbos, RS2
exhaust manifolds are the first step but Porsche built the 320HP RS2 with
the K26 turbo, RS2 ex. Manifold, larger MAF sensor, adjustable fuel pressure
regulator, larger injectors, an exhaust cam, revised air box, larger
intercooler and its own software (chip). How much power do you want? How
much dollars can you spend?  There are people getting close to 400HP but it
requires big dollars.  Dahlback Racing claims upwards of 500HP.  The cost
for them is at least $25,000 and then you need to upgrade the car to handle
it.  So what's your budget?  I recommend starting with a good chip (IA will
upgrade the chip as you upgrade your motor).  It will run strong and then
decide how much you can spend.  The next step is around $2000 for turbo,
exhaust manifold and cam plus you'll also need chassis and brake upgrades.
Nothing beats cubic dollars.  But it feels soooo good to have that much
power and the look on the face of a BMW or Porsche owner as they are beaten
by a station wagon with two baby seats in the back is priceless.

Dave Freed  '93 S4, '91 200 TQA

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I was thinking of getting the Intended Acceleration Stage 3+ chip. I heard
that the Total Audi Performance chips are no good, is that true?. Would the
Intended Acceleration chip be the best choice? I am looking to get the most
power out of my stock (1 year old) turbo. How much power can the stage 3+
make? Are there any other chips that would make more power and are
recommended? If so, what other chips should I look for? The car runs good
and it makes 1.7 bar. I checked mostly everything and it all seems good. So,
please let me know what I should go with and how much power I can make. I am
looking for  at least 300 HP and over. Oh and , let me know if the HP
numbers are at the flywheel or at the wheels. Thanks Dan.

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