I got two questions...

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RE:  Cruise Control--I know this may sound silly, but when driving my car 1500
miles home after buying it, the cruise all of a sudden stopped working half
way through the trip for no apparent reason.  Checked switches, lines, vacuum
bladder, etc.  All checked out.  Took a "closer" look and the connecting rod's
little plastic grommet (that likes to break on several other audi's I've
worked with) had broke--thus, when the vaccuum was set, there was nothing for
it to grab onto.

Much to my disappointment, my friend informed me that the dealer sold that
plastic part only with the rod and vacuum--not an option.  So, I fabricated
the EXACT same functioning piece by searching the bins at Home Depot and for a
nickel, I popped it on and it's nylon now and will never break.

Is yours still there?  Just one more thing to check.  I guess the plastic
connecting rod grommet is super brittle being under the Intake Manifold and
likes to break after time.

Hope that's one more place to look.


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>Subject: I got two questions...
>Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 00:00:10 -0400
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>ok, here it goes...my reverse lights weren't working so I found out it was
>switch on the tranny and now that's fixed but I still got two problems. The
>seat warmer on the driver's side seat doesn't work. I had comfort seats in
>there before and now I got sport seats and it still doesn't work so I know
>it's not the seat since it was working in the car it came out of. Also the
>switch is good and I tested the relay and that works too plus I can hear it
>clicking when I turn the seat warmer dial so I am thinking it is a wiring
>problem. Are there any particular places to be looking for a broken wire or
>connection? Have any of you had anything like this happen? And my other
>question is concerning the cruise control. Of course, it doesn't work. I
>checked the vacum lines (since they brake a lot of times) but they are all
>intact. I looked at the rubber vacum pump but it doesn't seem to be leaking.
>Next thing I was gonna check is the combination switch. I did check all the
>fuses for all these things and I am pretty much out of ideas. If any of you
>can help me with either one of these issues let me know.
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