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Peter Schultz is checking with his significant other about using his
Chelmsford, Mass location which can handle 6 cars.  I can offer my
Rutherford, NJ location that can handle 4 cars.  Are there any other offers
for space to do this Belt-A Thon?  How many are interested in attending this
(with cars)?  All are welcome to help (but space for cars is the biggest
factor at the moment). All offers of space, tools, help, beer, food, and
general peanut gallery additions are welcome.  And when is best for people
to do this?


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>Timing-Belt-A-Thon.  I'm up for one as I have need of a belt change.  I
>could handle about 4 to 5 cars at my place

>Anyone in the NorthEast up for hosting this sometime this summer?

Pet peeve time:

If you'd just include a little clue (in your signature) about your
location,  we wouldn't need to guess at where  "my place" might be.
The "NorthEast" helps a bit, but is a still pretty big area. ;-)


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