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At 2:37 PM +0000 6/26/02, Jobe Tichy wrote:
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>RE:  Cruise Control--I know this may sound silly, but when driving my car 1500
>miles home after buying it, the cruise all of a sudden stopped working half
>way through the trip for no apparent reason.  Checked switches, lines, vacuum
>bladder, etc.  All checked out.  Took a "closer" look and the connecting rod's
>little plastic grommet (that likes to break on several other audi's I've
>worked with) had broke--thus, when the vaccuum was set, there was nothing for
>it to grab onto.

Even worse are the cases I've heard about where this grommet beakage
causes the throttle to jam open.

>Much to my disappointment, my friend informed me that the dealer sold that
>plastic part only with the rod and vacuum--not an option.  So, I fabricated
>the EXACT same functioning piece by searching the bins at Home Depot and for a
>nickel, I popped it on and it's nylon now and will never break.

Mine are OK, but I ought to look for that nylon spare to carry. Do
you happen to have the dimension noted for this thing ?

>Is yours still there?  Just one more thing to check.

The only cruise hardware problem I've had (with our newest '91 200q)
was that the balljoint at the top end of the linkage was frozen
solid. A drop of oil fixed it.


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