I got two questions...

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Unfortunately, I don't have any demensions for it--the nylon grommet was one
of those things that was found in a bin.  There were two different sizes--o=
wider at the base than the other.  Both were purchased.

It looks something like a plug--with and internal surface area to catch the
connecting rod; a hole for the rod to slide on accelleration; and a wide ba=
so it can clamp into the tongue on the vacuum bladder.  I essentially crimp=
it into the tongue on the bladder.  I widened it with pliers and squeezed it
in there.  I did WD40 the internal area where the rod slides on accellerati=

This is a nearly impossible thing to describe....sorry for that.  I also do=
have a digital camera to take a picture.  It was really just a trial and er=
job, but was definitely better than buying the parts from the dealer.


'91 200tq 20v

'84 BMW 318i (modified)
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>Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 11:05:52 -0400
>At 2:37 PM +0000 6/26/02, Jobe Tichy wrote:
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>>RE: Cruise Control--I know this may sound silly, but when driving
>>my car 1500
>>miles home after buying it, the cruise all of a sudden stopped
>>working half
>>way through the trip for no apparent reason. Checked switches,
>>lines, vacuum
>>bladder, etc. All checked out. Took a "closer" look and the
>>connecting rod's
>>little plastic grommet (that likes to break on several other audi's
>>worked with) had broke--thus, when the vaccuum was set, there was
>>nothing for
>>it to grab onto.
>Even worse are the cases I've heard about where this grommet beakage
>causes the throttle to jam open.
>>Much to my disappointment, my friend informed me that the dealer
>>sold that
>>plastic part only with the rod and vacuum--not an option. So, I
>>the EXACT same functioning piece by searching the bins at Home
>>Depot and for a
>>nickel, I popped it on and it's nylon now and will never break.
>Mine are OK, but I ought to look for that nylon spare to carry. Do
>you happen to have the dimension noted for this thing ?
>>Is yours still there? Just one more thing to check.
>The only cruise hardware problem I've had (with our newest '91 200q)
>was that the balljoint at the top end of the linkage was frozen
>solid. A drop of oil fixed it.
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