I got two questions...

David Head v8q at bellsouth.net
Wed Jun 26 17:23:57 EDT 2002

Although it is not available for type 44 cars, the same plastic grommet is used on
Audi 90s and is readily available as a spare part from the dealer...

Jobe Tichy wrote:

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> RE:  Cruise Control--I know this may sound silly, but when driving my car 1500
> miles home after buying it, the cruise all of a sudden stopped working half
> way through the trip for no apparent reason.  Checked switches, lines, vacuum
> bladder, etc.  All checked out.  Took a "closer" look and the connecting rod's
> little plastic grommet (that likes to break on several other audi's I've
> worked with) had broke--thus, when the vaccuum was set, there was nothing for
> it to grab onto.
> Much to my disappointment, my friend informed me that the dealer sold that
> plastic part only with the rod and vacuum--not an option.  So, I fabricated
> the EXACT same functioning piece by searching the bins at Home Depot and for a
> nickel, I popped it on and it's nylon now and will never break.
> Is yours still there?  Just one more thing to check.  I guess the plastic
> connecting rod grommet is super brittle being under the Intake Manifold and
> likes to break after time.
> Hope that's one more place to look.
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> '84 BMW 318i (modified)
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> >Subject: I got two questions...
> >Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 00:00:10 -0400
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> >ok, here it goes...my reverse lights weren't working so I found out it was
> the
> >switch on the tranny and now that's fixed but I still got two problems. The
> >seat warmer on the driver's side seat doesn't work. I had comfort seats in
> >there before and now I got sport seats and it still doesn't work so I know
> >it's not the seat since it was working in the car it came out of. Also the
> >switch is good and I tested the relay and that works too plus I can hear it
> >clicking when I turn the seat warmer dial so I am thinking it is a wiring
> >problem. Are there any particular places to be looking for a broken wire or
> >connection? Have any of you had anything like this happen? And my other
> >question is concerning the cruise control. Of course, it doesn't work. I
> >checked the vacum lines (since they brake a lot of times) but they are all
> >intact. I looked at the rubber vacum pump but it doesn't seem to be leaking.
> >Next thing I was gonna check is the combination switch. I did check all the
> >fuses for all these things and I am pretty much out of ideas. If any of you
> >can help me with either one of these issues let me know.
> >Thanks
> >Dan
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