I got two questions...

maximum at weetamoo.com maximum at weetamoo.com
Wed Jun 26 15:37:46 EDT 2002

Doesn't sound silly to me.  The SAME EXACT thing happened to us when
we picked our car up ... only it was a 200 mile trip... worse, the
dangling rod jammed against part of the distributor and the throttle
stuck open from the last acceleration back to cruising speed.  The
throttle released by actually giving it more gas and freeing the rod.
Not knowing what had happened... it did it again... then I pulled
over to investigate...pretty hairy.  I fixed when I got home by reaching
into my tool box which still contained the parts from my old grey nag's
(my older 90) cruise unit.

> > RE:  Cruise Control--I know this may sound silly, but when driving my car 1500
> > miles home after buying it, the cruise all of a sudden stopped working half
> > way through the trip for no apparent reason.  Checked switches, lines, vacuum
> > bladder, etc.  All checked out.  Took a "closer" look and the connecting rod's
> > little plastic grommet (that likes to break on several other audi's I've
> > worked with) had broke--thus, when the vaccuum was set, there was nothing for
> > it to grab onto.
> >

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