UFO brakes

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Hear, hear!

How about getting S2UFO off the ground, folks? I know there
has got to be more than one person interested in having a serious
brake upgrade.

I _know_ that the OEM brakes are adequate for daily use, but when
I hear people running out of brake at track events and the like, this
risk is significantly reduced w/ greater brake capacity.

While you all may say "well, I can actuate ABS with the existing brakes
in the dry," I swear I have shorter stopping distances w/ my brakes-
everyone who has been in the car while giving a demonstration has been
impressed to date. They are not the "be all end all" of brakes, but
good and much cheaper than the other solutions out there.

Chi's quote is probably high if you can get 5 orders in at once.


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If you are at all interested in the BIRA setup, I
strongly suggest you contact BIRA


When the system2 UFO conversion was released, BIRA got virtually zero
interest for the new brackets.  (For those of you unfamiliar with BIRA,
they collect a handful of orders and then have the brackets made... more
orders means the brackets might be had for a slight discount.  You are
responsible for finding all the other necessary parts.)

I believe that you can find 5 people to do a UFO BIRA
bracket order.  There are atleast 2 UFO owners on
s-cars and atleast 2 on the 200Q20V lists that are
interested in the BIRA conversion.  I'm sure you can
find atleast 1 more on the V8 list.

My BIRA parts are all ordered and the price will come
in under $1,500 for all parts and shipping.  This
price includes having my rotors cryogenically treated.

Now I just have to figure out how to remove the old

BIRA prototype UFO brackets.

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