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Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 26 14:01:21 EDT 2002

how about out in california?  do we have enough people to do one?  my
car is due for one soon.  i'm in the SF bay area.


--- "Freed, David (Exchange)" <dfreed at bear.com> wrote:
> Peter Schultz is checking with his significant other about using his
> Chelmsford, Mass location which can handle 6 cars.  I can offer my
> Rutherford, NJ location that can handle 4 cars.  Are there any other offers
> for space to do this Belt-A Thon?  How many are interested in attending this
> (with cars)?  All are welcome to help (but space for cars is the biggest
> factor at the moment). All offers of space, tools, help, beer, food, and
> general peanut gallery additions are welcome.  And when is best for people
> to do this?
> Dave
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> >Timing-Belt-A-Thon.  I'm up for one as I have need of a belt change.  I
> >could handle about 4 to 5 cars at my place
> >Anyone in the NorthEast up for hosting this sometime this summer?
> Pet peeve time:
> Dave,
> If you'd just include a little clue (in your signature) about your
> location,  we wouldn't need to guess at where  "my place" might be.
> The "NorthEast" helps a bit, but is a still pretty big area. ;-)
> Phil
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