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I am in Ann Arbor, close to you... was wondering if you had considered
polling the whole q-list..
we may have enough people right here in the Detroit metro area, and there
are a whole lot around
Flint. Just a few 20v cars, but some 5k owners may be interested.

I hope to do mine soon, we have planned a family vacation to Florida in the
first two weeks of July,
but will be around after that. I have all the parts, except for the metal
distributor gear, and was
waiting to do it all in one shot.


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>Wife, "You want to drive Where?...to do WHAT?"
>Gotta get the AC fixed before hand though.
>Hey Charlie, how 'bout an Ohio AC-a-thon?
>Sweatin' in Columbus in a B-on-B 93
>Dave "let's convoy from the Midwest" Burig

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>Might make for a fun journey from the Midwest this summer if I don't do the
>belt beforehand ;-)

>'91 200q20v...Slightly modified

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