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> If the arm is not properly adjusted, why does it reach all the way to
> the bottom of the windshield during "on" operation, according to
> Paul's description?
> When you switch the wipers off, the only thing that powers the motor
> to get the wiper back to its home position is a set of conductive
> tracks inside the wiper mechanism.  There are two such tracks; one
> handles the extend, the other handles the retract
> There is a break, or some dirt/carbon on the retract track, and when
> the wiper tries to return, powered off that track instead of the
> wiper switch/relay, it stalls.
> The other("extend") track powers the motor in the same direction
> until it hits the end of the travel...which is where the "retract"
> current track causes the wiper to return back.  The tracks are
> probably on a gear which turns once per complete wipe cycle.
> If you adjust the arm 1/3rd of the way further counterclockwise,
> you'll end up with the wiper blades reaching about 2/3rds of the way
> up the windshield and 1/3rd of the way into the $60 rain cover :-)
> Brett
> Guys,
> The linkage controls the range of motion of the wipers... not the motor, or
> the arm mounted to the motor.  The motor (if it is not broken) will stop at
> the same point every time.  If the position of the arm on the motor happens
> to place your wiper arms in any position other than the bottom of the
> windshield, it is simply not installed in the right position.  Wiper arms
> will not fly over the roof, or into your engine compartment no matter HOW
> you place the arm on the motor.  It will ONLY affect where the wipers stop.
> HTH,
> Dave

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