where do I get a gauge and how do I mount it?

Zoot531 at aol.com Zoot531 at aol.com
Fri Jun 28 03:38:58 EDT 2002

I just finished a behind the wheel installation that you mentioned and i
think it fits perfectly.  I used Autometer Sportcomp vac-boost and A/F gauges
mounted side by side set into the upper steering column cover just infront of
the dash.  This requires cutting some sizable holes in this piece of plastic
(Dremmel tool works great) but the end effect looks great I think.  The
Autometer gauge i used matches the dash lighting perfectly when used with the
red cover for the bulb.  I don't have any photos, but i used these pics for
inspiration. http://www.geocities.com/jeg1976/Gauges.html

Points to watch:

Be sure that the gauges are mounted close enough to the wheel to prevent them
from getting in the way of the dash lip.

Make certain that the hose adapter from the boost gauge has proper clearence
in regard to the electricals mounted on the column.

Use plenty of zip ties to keep the wiring away from the pedals (yikes) if you
choose (as i did) to run the wires through the port in the firewall behind
and above the brake pedal.

Cut SLOWLY and carefully.

Good luck!

Adam Chinchiolo
200q20v...apparently the CHiP's like my car as much as i do...78 in a 55

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