Virus Alerts and spam

Ingo D. Rautenberg ingo at
Fri Jun 28 10:45:11 EDT 2002

I hate to copy all of my lists in on this, but again I have received a rash
of what appear to be klez-infected e-mails (which immediately get deleted).
since this incidious virus doesn't directly tell you where it came from, I
will point out the various 'From' headings and encourage everyone to run the
latest edition of their virus detection software.  Sorry about the WBW.
Here are the purported 'From' people that I supposedly received these from:
BKEALSH19, questions, jgwpa, towman07, martin, gsmracing, SGGERM, bkspence,
TOMSTER00, blunderbust, service, jshepp44, walterscoot, sbcbb92, abs,
mrjoshua, abs, etc.  Subjects were:  'Granted.  You may not reverse
engineer,'  'W32.Elkern removal tools" 'Congratulations' 'Worm Klez.E
immunity' 'Re: ingo, honey' 'A good tool' 'A very funny website' 'How are
you' 'Japanese lass' sexy pictures' 'Eager to see you'  'HAVE A NICE DAY'
'NOSHADE CLASS' 'A very good tool'

This all within the last two? weeks. Martin Pajak supposedly sent me
'Hi,spice girls' vocal concert'.  I had no idea you were a Spice Girls fan,
Martin.  I especially liked the one from Graydon's old e-mail address 'Eager
to see you' ;-)

Don't fall for any of these ploys and don't be fooled into thinking it's OK
becasue someone you know sent you something.  If in doubt, don't open it.
Call or e-mail the other party first.

A clue:  These all had the first part of the email address as the "from"
identifier, rather than the full name.

I suggest everyone update and run their virus protection software.  In list
traffic the klez-worm is caught by the server, butnon-list mail won't
benefit from this. When in doubt, email the person in question before
opening any attachments.

More  legitimate info on this insidious virus:


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