Odd Problem #587 (Wipers)

DAK dak at rochester.rr.com
Fri Jun 28 13:29:47 EDT 2002

You know, I've been staying out of this, but....

 I had my wipers stop moving altogether and the nut that holds the arm
on the wiper motor was loose (probably from me...). But, I can say it is
critical to position that arm correctly before tightening that nut since
it does determine the stop position. I got it wrong, and they stopped
part way up the windsheild until I fixed it.


Mike Veglia wrote:

>In a message dated 6/27/2002 Royal aka 20RoT writes:
><< However, when it comes time to stop... they stop about 1/3 of the way up
>from the bottom of the sweep (remember, they do still sweep all the way to
>the bottom so it's not a question of taking off the wipers and adjusting
>them). >>
>Assuming nobody moved the wiper arm positions on you I would suggest the
>problem is electrical. Moving the wiper arm position will become a problem
>if/when the electrical glitch cures itself.
>Do they stop in exactly the same spot every time? I have had Audi wipers
>stop in mid-swipe due to bad contacts in the wiper switch on the steering
>column. You might try squirting some of your favorite contact cleaner in
>there and exercising the switch.
>Inside the wiper motor there is also a switch that shuts the motor off in
>the rest position (but power to get it to the rest position comes from the
>wiper switch, even in the "off" position).
>Another possibility would be Bosch relay syndrome, usually cured by
>resoldering the relay internals and perhaps a little contact burnishing.
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