gauge pod

Brian Link brianl at
Fri Jun 28 12:04:15 EDT 2002

Here is what I did with a pod for a Acura legend and a heat gun:  This is with the Auto
meter 30 in to 30 psi and air fuel gauge.  The black button is to turn off
the air/fuel gauge.

Here is the 0 - 30psi VDO:

The VDO Looks much more stock and doesn't have the silver trim.   But I
wanted vacuum and boost so I used the autometer.  .

Brian Link
Boulder, CO

SNIP   Just a heads up for pods...The A4 pod DOES NOT fit on the type 44 A
>It does with some persuasion on the urS4 body A pillar.  Fortunately, I
had a
>friend putting one in his urS4 and was able to try and fit it.
>As far as my research goes in all of this, I think a standard gauge cup on
>A pillar is about all there is if that's where you want it.
>If anyone knows of anything that will work--I'd like to know also.
>As for a gauge--Autometer makes very nice ones too (30 hg of vaccum and 30
>of boost)
>Hope some of that helps.
'>91 200tq 20v
>I have the VDO vision (30-0 inches vacuum and 0-25 psi boost).  Using the
>red backlight 'rubber' included makes it look just like a stock gauge day
>and night --unless you have white face gauges like I do.
>As to mounting, I prefer close to line-of-sight and have a pod which I
>over the left front speaker grill, since mine isn't used.  others have
>mounted their on the A-pillar and a new one I just recently saw was just
>behind the steering wheel, but can't find the link to the photos :(

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