Loss of power but not completely?

Chaplen, John John.Chaplen at mercer.com
Fri Jun 28 14:43:52 EDT 2002

I was driving the other day, stuck my foot into the gas and brought up
boost, NP car took off fast and quick like it was suppose to. Ever since
though, the car seems to take a lot longer to have boost come on, when it
does, it comes up to 1.9 on the gauge. So it looks like I'm getting full
boost by about 3.5K but takes longer than normal. I have checked the upper
hose (it was new 6 months ago) no splits or leaks that I can find. The Lower
hose is a Samco and is also new. When underboost I cannot hear any rushing
of "extra" air beyond the norm. Also intermittently the car stutters if just
hovering on the car (not really accelerating nor slowing but keeping a
constant speed).

The car does not die when coming to a sudden stop..thus I thought I would
rule out the Waste gate Frequency valve (also new about a year ago)

The only other thing that comes to mind would the waste gate diaphragm maybe
has a hole?

Anyone have any other clues?
All help would be appreciated!

John Chaplen CNE
Mercer Human Resource Consulting
Portland, OR, US

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