200q20v digest but 80 contnent Knocking problem

SuffolkD at aol.com SuffolkD at aol.com
Sat Jun 29 00:54:34 EDT 2002

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I'd do these: BTDT with a 4000 like the 80
Assuming knock is like Studdering/bucking:
1. Check and replace Distributor cap, rotor  and plug wires too.
2.  Change the fuel filters from the gas (petro) tank to the fuel distributor.
3.  On the fuel distribututor the little black box (size of a 9volt
battery/thick match book)  is a potentiometer.  This equalizes fuel pressure
between inner levels of the fuel distributor.  The service manuals mention
little of this.  Dealer says whole fuel distrubtor part is the only way to
get this Potenetiometer.  So- undo the two screws holding it on and check the
two connectors (when wires disconnected from rubber boot) on the side of it
with a volmeter set to Ohms or resistance.  If the volt meter shows no
constant resistance (steady value) or the value (number climbs to infinity
and the display blinks) showing an open circuit:  Go to the junk yards and
buy this piece off of the fuel distributor of Audi or VW (if they match) and
replace it.

Dirt has gotten trappped inside and is effecting the way it works.
-Scott in Boston

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> I normally could drive the car "slowly" up to 70/80 MAX! km but after that
> the car knock's like hell.

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