auto sticking in gears

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Fri Mar 1 12:31:33 EST 2002

Which car are we talking about?  Certainly not 91 200q20v -- No such animal
with automatic tranny.

Year and model?  Older 5000, 200 turbo, and 100's had problems with tranny
fluid and diff fluid mixing.  Service bulletin required different fluid
fill -Don't exactly remember.  At the very least I would have both diff
fluid and tranny fluid changed pronto by a competent shop.


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> I'll admit, I'm not as mechanically smart as I wish. My question regards
> car's auto tranny sticking in first gear. It happens every so often and
> only way I can really make it change gears is to either stop, take it out
> gear and then back in, or just accelerate until it's forced into the next
> gear at the redline. I don't like doing this and I know its not good for
> transmission.
> I want to have some sort of idea of what the cause may be before taking it
> to a mechanic. A friend of mine has the same problem with his Taurus SHO
> (however he admits to punishing that thing). I strapped for cash so I'd
> some ideas before I splurge on ol' bessie (or rather ol' hilda).
> Thanks!
> Andrew R
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