CD Changer display suggestions

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The stock location for the controller is under the armrest in the center
console.  It's the same place the wire for the cell phone in the arm rest
runs.  I don't know what Audi would put in that location otherwise, as I'm
only really familiar with my car, which does have the factory cd changer.
Audi mounts the changer in the trunk on the passenger side, at the top of
the trunk opening.  As to the "fm modulated wire," a signal lead runs from
the changer up towards the deck, where the fm modulator is located,
approximetely a foot from the head unit.  I imagine Audi also runs the
signal wire down the passenger side as they mount the FM modulator behind
the glovebox.

Although power to the changer is low, I think something to be aware in the
install is too keep some seperation distance between the changer's power
lead and the outgoing signal lead, although you may already know this.

derek p

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Subject: CD Changer display suggestions?
Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2002 00:19:35

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I am new to the 200tq 20v mail list and was referred here by a long-time
S4/90/4k owner to inquire as to suggestions for my soon-to-be-puchased 91
I am an auto enthusiast at heart with years of experience with BMW's.  I
also lived and maintained vicariously several Audi's so I think I will have
enough experience to keep this rig running.

Anyway, my 91 has the Bose stereo and I do not want to mess with installing
soundgate device for the bose amps and nearly all aftermarket decks come
anything but Audi-Red lighting.  So, I was going to use an FM modulated CD
changer from Blaupunkt that I have found with nearly idential red display.

I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for where to mount the display
that does not offend the trim and "stock look."  Also, how do the FM
changers install into the stereo?  Does the FM antenna have to run through
changer or does the changer just send out a signal?

Any help would be great.


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