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Fri Mar 1 14:44:09 EST 2002

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I have the same problem.  No second gear. First shifts at redline, then I
lift throttle into third.  I posted this before but knowing this is a 20V
list I'm sure no one has an auto trans.  Any info would be appreciated as I
appologize in advance for being off topic.  I feel there is a screen plugged
or band loose but I want to know something before I drop it off at the all
TOO friendly Ammco Transmissions.  86 5000S 156K.

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> I'll admit, I'm not as mechanically smart as I wish. My question regards my
> car's auto tranny sticking in first gear. It happens every so often and the
> only way I can really make it change gears is to either stop, take it out of
> gear and then back in, or just accelerate until it's forced into the next
> gear at the redline. I don't like doing this and I know its not good for the
> transmission.
> I want to have some sort of idea of what the cause may be before taking it
> to a mechanic. A friend of mine has the same problem with his Taurus SHO
> (however he admits to punishing that thing). I strapped for cash so I'd like
> some ideas before I splurge on ol' bessie (or rather ol' hilda).
> Thanks!
> Andrew R

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