CD Changer display suggestions

Donna or Chris Locke d.locke at
Sat Mar 2 08:31:07 EST 2002

> Jobe Tichy wrote:
> Also, how do the FM modulated changers install into the stereo?  Does the FM
> antenna have to run through the changer or does the changer just send out a
> signal?


FM modulated changers send out a singnal.  That signal is the CD music "modulated"
on an FM frequency (standard in the 91's is 88.3 or another choice.  Anyway, with
the lower dash cover removed from the passenger footwell, you'll find all the
connections.  The output of the cd (a radio antenna connector) plugs into another
connector under the dashboard, this in effect "ties" the FM radio antenna together
with the "FM" CD player antenna lead.  There is also a switch on this interface
device that will allow you to do 2 additional things:  1 is a switch that allows 3
gain positions on the volume (gain) of the signal from the CD changer so when you
switch from radio/tape to cd, you don't go deaf, or have to turn up the volume to
listen to the cd.  2 is the frequency selector switch, which determines which
radio frequency you need to turn to to listen to the CD player.


Chris Locke
'86 4KCSTQ
'91 2C20VTQ

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