Wagon Aftermarket Stereo Modification

Calvin & Diana Craig calvinlc at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 2 15:45:50 EST 2002

In case anyone is interested I just took some pictures of my stereo setup in
the rear of my '89 Wagon...should be the same as the '91s.  This is a setup
that fits a 12" sub, 4 channel amp, and 12 disc changer all into the spare
tire area and still allows access to the spare tire in case it is needed.
It also allows the cover to close down over the backend as if nothing is
different than stock.  If you are interested in more info. I can e-mail
pictures and more description on how it works.  Suffice to say that the
sound quality exceeded my wildest expectations.  Somewhere between 120 and
125 dB with the right music selections.

--Calvin Craig
Parker, CO
'92 S4
'91 200 TQ
'89 200 TQW
'72 Formula Firebird

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