[V8] FAW-Audi-update, phase two

David Forsythe dforsyt1511 at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 3 09:47:48 EST 2002

I  converted  my euro headlamps to xenon and quickly found out that the
factory relay is totally inadiquate to handle the start up draw on the
transformer .. I am also working with a machanic friend of mine to fix this
little problem.. Hees suggesting a remote relay (40 amp) that works off the
battery to cover the  additional draw of the light system.. We have already
done it to his Buell motorcycle and it works good!!!
Ill keep everyone posted if this works
Dave Forsythe
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To all fellow listers,
it's been a long time waiting for this but here it goes, I have really gone
and done it now. I have booked a trip to China to meet all these suppliers.
This commences phase two of the whole idea, It seems I have now gotten thru
the road block that VW-Audi ag was imposing.
All suppliers are now onboard, Wait does not mean everything is final. I
will be Shanghai staring 6 March until 17 March. It is one intensive.

Now just to get everyone up to speed the "phase one" was basically a search
and probe mission basically to see how much interest was out there for this
stuff. I once again have to thank all that sent feedback about the Audi
Chinese parts. All was recorded and will now be brought up to these
suppliers. The initial feedback from them was a bit reluctant due to
commitments from Audi but we managed to get over that and now begins "phase
two" this will be to check these parts availability, verify parts, quality
issues, Dot/SAE/E approval issues.

I have spent these last weeks preparing presentations, lists, pictures ,
notes and god only knows what else for this..I actually cannot believe still
I have gotten to this point, I'll be honest with you all I thought the whole
idea would flop within a month or so. well for me to get this far shows I'm
really screwed up....The main issue was to try to convince the wife about

Anyway I got some quick info. for all out there waiting details about the
Xenon projector headlight for the type44 models, bad news is this unit is
not European certified, this was critical because I knew straight off they
were not Dot approved, wait this does not kill the whole thing yet I will be
discussing this with the supplier in China about getting certification done,
this means investment. If it is too high I will have to kill it. let hope
for the best because I want the dam thing on my car as well.

This is pretty much for now, if I missed any specific issues (I'm sure I
missed a couple dozen) please write me off line so I can respond ...but
remember I will be gone Wednesday so you have to send something before

wish all Quattro nuts a fine weekend.

Paul Fernandes
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