Warning lights

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sun Mar 3 20:05:37 EST 2002

I drove the 35 miles home from the ski hill yesterday in 3-4 inches of
slush with no problem.  Shortly before the end of my trip, I passed through
a particularly heavy pile of slush from where folks had turned onto the
road from an intersection.  Immediately the following warning lights
appeared:  The battery, the red brake light and the ABS Off light.  I still
had a couple miles to go, so I shut off everything but the headlights and
proceeded on my way.

The warning lights went on and off a couple times, and when I slowed once,
there was a slipping belt squeal as I accelerated again, and then the
lights stayed on for good.  I thought maybe it would dry out overnight.

We had a foot of snow overnight, so I swept off the car and started it this
a.m., and the same set of warnings appeared.  No change in them regardless
of engine speed.  So I drove the V8 to the ski hill, and when I got home
again I had to plow for several hours (we get UPS tomorrow and I have a
couple rentals I clean out), so I had no time to deal with the 200q20v, but
I did start it up again just now and the warning lights remain.  I turned
on the head lights and the interior lights didn't dim or anything.  It
appears to be charging.

What should I be looking for if I get a chance to take a peek at it
tomorrow afternoon?

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