Simultaneous H-4 hari kari. Verry pequliar. Internal wire fatigue cause.

Dale McCormack dale at
Sun Mar 3 20:32:41 EST 2002

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1=2E  Symptom 3 weeks ago: Both H-4 low  and high beam Eurolights burned ou=
t simultaneously.  Very odd, but after replacement bulbs installed from Aut=
oZone, all is seemingly normal again.
2=2E  Last week, wife says her car won't start.  Ok I figure, 125K the alte=
rnator brushes are worn.  I pull the regulator, remove stubby old brushes, =
resolder the new brushes in place (an easy and quick job once you get the r=
egulator out) and reinstall the regulator/brush assembly.  Good charging ag=
ain registers on the voltmeter.
3=2E  This morning wife says car won't start, or even turn over.
4=2E  I try to "jump start" using the engine compartment lug and can't seem=
 to get amperage to the starter; jumping off the battery accomplished the c=
onnection to start the car.  This gets me thinking about the stock alternat=
or/starter wires.  I wiggle the main alternator wire with the engine runnin=
g and notice a "load" placed on the engine.  I bend the heavy-gage wire to =
a new position and the "load" becomes steady.  Apparently there is an inter=
nal fatigue within the wire and the "new" position re-meshed them to comple=
te the circuit.  Even though they are securely mounted, vibration has cause=
d an effect.
5=2E  Oh yes, both low beams on both H-4's are again burned out!  This inte=
rmittent voltage spike must have fried them as they use the engine lug for =
their voltage source.

Anyone else experienced such a problem?  Comments on the reliability of thi=
s repair?

Ford's in his Fliver, all's well with the world.

Dale McCormack


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