Oil in the IC hose?

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Tue Mar 5 01:43:22 EST 2002

At 12:21 AM -0500 3/5/02, TM wrote:

>Yes, that looks like the flame arrestor. Is that not enough? Maybe
>I'll get one of those silly oil catchcans- I'm fixing it even though
>it ain't broke! :-)

I recommend against catch cans; they seem mostly designed for
race-car apps where you vent the CCV out through a filter element
into the atmosphere(not acceptable on street vehicles, there's a
reason crankcase gasses are re-burned.)  Most oil catch cans in fact
come with a small filter on top.

In that case, the filter catches the fine mist, the catch can catches
the big droplets etc.

Obviously, if stuff is making it all the way to the intake...it must
be in mist/vapor form.  From what I've read, we need an actual
separator that can handle this sort of stuff.

   The designs I've seen most commonly consist of not much more than
Bernie's...usually implemented in some sort of container and then the
container is spliced into the CCV hose.  There's just more of the
stuff than what Bernie uses.  One solution used metal-strand-like pot
scrubbers stuffed into the carbon "canister"(I think, looked more
like a funny shaped box) of an common Ford model over in Australia.
Another used a piece of PVC pipe with drilled holes in either cap,
opposite sides(in bottom left, out upper right.)

There is a device designed for airplanes, but it has an inlet at the
top and to the side, and outlet at the bottom straight down, along
with a separate drain line for the oil it pulls out.  Arranging that
somehow into our cars wouldn't be easy, since they start low, end up
high(the drain line would be easy.)

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