Oil in the IC hose?

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Tue Mar 5 09:56:00 EST 2002


Yes, that's the jobbie that I've known as a flame arrestor, but from my
Lancia days.  I've not found one in my Audis, but I've not looked either.
Can't find it just by squeezing hoses.

> From: Brett Dikeman <brett at cloud9.net>
> At 9:49 PM -0800 3/4/02, Bernie Benz wrote:
>> I think Audi's flame arrestor is the plastic thing that I first described.
>> but IMO not enough surface area to be very effective.
> Nope, its a funny wound copper jobbie.  Should be installed at the
> top of the CCV hose, about an inch or so down.
The CCV hose is one continuous hose from its block connection to the plastic
thingie that I refered to.  Are you saying that this spiral cu flame
arrestor is in the hose just before the plastic thingie?  Any idea what the
purpose if that plastic thingie is?

Anyway, adding an oil vapor condenser is best done in the larger diameter
section of the CCV hose as it will be more effective and cause less
restriction because of the lower velocities in the larger cross section.

>>Works great!  It never broke. so I've never looked.

>Huh?  Do you mean you have concluded it works, without examining the
>intake components(mich man hose etc) to see if oil vapor was actually

Sure, it must work to some degree.  I have minimual oil in my intake system,
and it has caused no harm so I have no reason to remove it.  Please note
that I have not recommended this addition, just stated it as my trial
possible solution to the intake oil coating problem.

IMO the major factor concering the amount oil carry over from the crankcase
into the intake system is the magnitude of piston ring blowby.  Inasmuch as
my 200 uses 1qt in 10K miles at 150K, my breather carry over problem is
minimual.  With major blowby, one must be careful not to pressurize the
crankcase, and even the stock CCV system may not be adequate, usually
evidenced as major crankcase oil leaks.

> http://frank.mercea.net/~brett/pics/car/audi/repairs/crankcase_hose/P1230082.J
> PG
> (danger Will Robinson, danger...large image ahead!)
> Or, at least, that's always what I was told was the flame arrestor...
> Brett
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