New car and new to list

Jeremiah Curry curryjer at
Tue Mar 5 18:01:56 EST 2002

Howdy all,

I just purchased a 200 20v from lister Ron Merrell.  I drove the car back
from the Denver area to Salt Lake City on Sunday.  I am very impressed and
love the car.  Previously I drove a 85 Coupe GT wich I am now trying to
sell.  The car just passed inspectinos and emissions.

I do have one problem with the car I need some help on.  The Bose radio was
working fine most of the way home, then it froze up on me.  The display
shows it to be on fr preset 4 and none of the buttons have any effect on the
radio.  If I turn the system all of the way up I can hear the channel, or if
I use the cd changer I can hear the cd, but it is very low.  I tried to
reset the radio by removing the fuse for a couple of hours, but it didn't
work.  Everyithing is the same. I just found that if I tap on the 4 button
it will come on for a second then go back off.  Is this stuck down, are
there any ways to get it un-stuck? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
Jeremiah Curry

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