Nice 200q20v FS in Portland, OR-N/A

Archibald, Jon JArchibald at
Wed Mar 6 13:31:28 EST 2002

Not sure if you guys have heard about this one already, I've met the owner a
few times, he works for a tuning shop locally and is pretty anxious to sell
to move on to other projects...

Main points:

Chipped, 4wDyno'd 273 hp

109k miles

Silver w/ v8 tail lights, lot of other goodies

pic at: -go
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contact: jeremy at

He's asking ~$14,500 right now but says he is willing to deal

Once again, no affiliation, just a neat car which is literally within 1/2
mile of both my home and office, so if anyone's SERIOUSLY interested, I can
investigate more on their behalf.


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