"Brake" indicator light

CL Wong montesawong at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 6 18:39:29 EST 2002

Well my brake indicator light is taking 30sec-60sec to
turn off now.

I've never noticed the delay before so I'm reasonably
sure it's a new symptom. Fluid level looks ok in the
morning, haven't checked it with a warm engine.

With the emergency brake off and the ignition on
(engine off) the brake light is on... is this normal?

Not sure what to look for with the brake pumping test.
 I've pumped the brakes with the engine off and pumped
at least 20 times and never felt the brake pedal get
stiff... just how stiff is the pedal supposed to get?

Haven't checked the maintenance receipts from the
previous owner yet and I don't recall if there was any
brake work done in the large stack of repairs.

Just wanted to get a quick opinion from the list
collective... bomb, booster, other?  Not even sure
where any of these items are.... sigh.

thanks in advance.


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