Ailing Alternator

Dale McCormack dale at
Thu Mar 7 09:12:56 EST 2002

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After you have removed the 4 bolts holding the plastic "ventilation cover" =
onto the rear of the alternator, the brushes/voltage regulator can be remov=
ed with the plastic vent cover adjacent to the alternator; it is NOT necess=
ary to remove anything else.  However, in order to access the two flat-blad=
e screws holding the regulator in position, I found a ratcheting offset scr=
ewdriver (about 7 bucks at Sears) to be very helpful.  The upper, and most =
inaccessible, screw provides the ground for the regulator and must be tight=
ened snugly.  As previously mentioned, that 4th vent cover screw is only ac=
cessible from above.

When I finished with my brush replacement, I only secured the vent cover wi=
th 2 screws as the 4 are a PITA and IMO overkill.

Have fun,
Dale McCormack

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