"Brake" indicator light

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Thu Mar 7 15:45:27 EST 2002

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Sounds like the brake bomb to me...not certain though.  I have a friend with a
89.5 200 10v with his BRAKE light on.  We trouble shooted the entire system
and it is his leaking (or by now fully evacuated) brake
accumulator--everything else works just fine.  I just checked my list of
receipts and the previous owner replaced the brake accumulator for $345 from
the dealer.  I know that you can get it on line for $250'ish.  (Ouch!).

Good luck

'91 200tq 20v

'84 BMW 318i (modified)
>From: CL Wong
>To: 200q <200q20v at audifans.com>
>Subject: "Brake" indicator light
>Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 18:39:29 -0800 (PST)
>Well my brake indicator light is taking 30sec-60sec to
>turn off now.
>I've never noticed the delay before so I'm reasonably
>sure it's a new symptom. Fluid level looks ok in the
>morning, haven't checked it with a warm engine.
>With the emergency brake off and the ignition on
>(engine off) the brake light is on... is this normal?
>Not sure what to look for with the brake pumping test.
> I've pumped the brakes with the engine off and pumped
>at least 20 times and never felt the brake pedal get
>stiff... just how stiff is the pedal supposed to get?
>Haven't checked the maintenance receipts from the
>previous owner yet and I don't recall if there was any
>brake work done in the large stack of repairs.
>Just wanted to get a quick opinion from the list
>collective... bomb, booster, other? Not even sure
>where any of these items are.... sigh.
>thanks in advance.
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