Alternator wiring

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Thu Mar 7 11:11:43 EST 2002

Thanks, Ingo.

I replaced the brushes.  One was half gone and the other was 1/4.  I took
the brushes/regulator assembly to a Bosch repair shop for testing and the
guy said the regulator was showing an output of about 14.

It charges, but the gauge indicates just a hair below 12.

At 10:33 AM 03/07/2002 -0500, Ingo D. Rautenberg wrote:

>Kneale, I don't think the blue wire's the problem.  It's still not charging,
>I'd check the brushes, but with that splash through the water you may have
>damages something in there. Regulator?
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> > So I've performed the Bentley test regarding battery/ABS/Brake warning
> > lights on the dash not going out when the engine revolutions increase,
> > is, disconnect the little blue wire (turns out my little blue wire is
> > sheathed in a heavier black insulation) and turn on the ignition, and the
> > lights don't show....

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