A4 wheels 1991 200

SuffolkD at aol.com SuffolkD at aol.com
Thu Mar 7 16:57:22 EST 2002

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The A4 wheels (I bought clones from Discount Tire) leave enough clearance on
the front control arm.  Though its close. Tire width would be the issue.  I
have a 1990 10V where I don't benfit from the flared wheel wells.  The rear
fitment should be fine unless you have different (special) brake rotor hats
and brake caliper issues.  Stock cars should work.  I like the look.  I have
too (225) vs 215 wide a tire and clearance issues.

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> However, the offset is 45 mm and so would be more 'inbound' and won't fill
> out the fenders as well -- but would make a nice winter wheel.  Better fit
> on a pre-91 200/200q IMO (I believe Chad Clark did this on his 5ktq).

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