Heated Rear Seats?

Peer Oliver Schmidt pos at theinternet.de
Fri Mar 8 09:08:57 EST 2002

Brett Dikeman writes:

> At 9:39 PM -0700 3/7/02, Jeremiah Curry wrote:
>> Do all 200 20v cars have heated rear seats.  And how do you turn them on.
>   All type 44s equipped with heated seats have all four main seating
> positions heated, something you'll note no current Audi model has, I
> think :-)  The rear seats turn on automatically when someone is
> sitting in that seat and the passenger heating control is on(pretty
> spiffy, eh?); I believe that, however, it is only thermostatically
> based off the front seat, so if you've got a real hot ticket sitting
> in the front seat, the back seat folks are gonna freeze :-)

Brett, Jeremiah,

this _might_ be true for the US. In Germland you have the option to either
order the heated front seats or all four. And, at least my old '88 type 44
avant did have heated rear seats. But is was setup with something called
"cab controll". The drivers seat had a single control. The passenger seat
plus the rear two seats were controlled by another controller. And there was
no magic switch checking for occupance in the rear.


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