Shock-ing question

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Fri Mar 8 12:57:53 EST 2002

Front, Sport?  I may have a used (good) replacment for you!  I had my left
front killed by a pothole and ordered an entire set of new Bilsteins,
because I thought my right rear was messed up also.  Turns out the left
front was stuck in the fully-extended position!

'91 200q20v with a few mods...+ '83 Urquattro

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> Hi everyone,
> I have Bilstein shocks on my 200q20v avant.  Unfortunately,
> the driver's side shock is totally knackered.  Instead of
> Bilstein, are there any shocks that are highly recommended?
> *Especially* if you live in Central New Hampshire where
> the majority of the roads are dirt tracks with potholes
> large enough to hide a giraffe in....  Does anyone on
> the list live around here and had better/different
> experience with other shocks?  Just curious.
> --
> nkb
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