Acceleration and hitting a wall

Phil Rose pjrose at
Fri Mar 8 17:45:39 EST 2002

Loose hose clamp(s), or bad hose (such as the Michelin Man, or those
connected to TBV and WGFV)? Perhaps WOT switch needs
adjustment/repair? But if any of those are at fault, why is max boost
_not_ affected? So, I might suspect bad ignition wires or a problem
with distributor (cap/rotor)--have you replaced those lately?

I'd be surprised if it were a fuel problem.


At 11:05 PM +0100 3/8/02, Peer Oliver Schmidt wrote:
>I have a problem. I have a chipped + new turbo (mtm) 200q20v. At the
>beginning (1,5 years ago) everything was fine and dandy, car pulled very
>The last couple of month most of the time under acceleration it seems as I
>hit a wall for a second, before the car accelerates again. Sometimes it does
>not continue the accelaration but continue to studder. Doesn't matter if it
>is hot or cold. Slow acceleration works just fine. I can still hit the
>maximum on the bar gauge as before. Gear does not really matter. Most of the
>time, of course, it happens in fifth gear accelerating out of an autobahn
>entry or after some slow traffic because of road work.
>Could this be a fuel problem? My local Audi garage can't find any codes. Any
>ideas i should try? I am a little hesitant to drive 500 mls one way to mtm,
>to have them fix this.
>Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
>Peer Oliver Schmidt
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