Shock-ing question

Noelle Beaudin nobeau at
Sun Mar 10 00:37:15 EST 2002

Hi Chris et al.,

Chris wrote:
> I like my Boge Turbogases myself.  Not harsh, I believe they have a
> lifetime warranty of some sort but I'm not sure, and not too expensive.
> I don't buy the Bilstein "good for life" thing.  At twice the price, for
> me, I'd rather change Boges every 75K, or whatever, then trust a Bilstein
> with 75K on it vs. a Boge with 0K.  I've seen a lot of posts on this board
> and the s-car-list of blown Bilsteins... I bet they're no more reliable
> than Boges, except that people think they must be because their original
> Boges needed replacement and their "brand new" Bilsteins with 10K are
> just fine.

I was looking at the Boge, so I am very glad you mentioned them.  On
the 200, this is my first experience with Bilsteins.  My 5ktq had
Mcpherson struts and the suspension was just fine, even after 4
years on these same roads.  So, I was a bit upset when the 200
started feel like it was going to fall apart after its first

Four brand new Bilsteins were put my 200 at 173582.  The 200 now
has 203,019 on it and the front driver's side shock is completely
blown, the front passenger side isn't doing that much better.  When
I looked at the price to replace the Bilsteins I was troubled, so
I started looking into Boge and found they were a good alternative,
especially for rougher driving conditions.

And, like you say, even I have to replace the shocks every - well
looking at my record here - 25k, I'd rather pay the Boge price then
the Bilstein price.



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