Shock-ing question

Noelle Beaudin nobeau at
Sun Mar 10 05:28:26 EST 2002

Hi Ingo,

"Ingo D. Rautenberg" wrote:
> Front, Sport?  I may have a used (good) replacment for you!  I had my left
> front killed by a pothole and ordered an entire set of new Bilsteins,
> because I thought my right rear was messed up also.  Turns out the left
> front was stuck in the fully-extended position!

Thanks for the offer on the used Bilstein.  First, I'm going
to find out more info on the Boge.  If that fails, then I'll
pursue Bilstein to get them replaced.  If that fails, then...
I dunno.  Maybe I'll garage the car for the summer and give
it all the other fixes it needs as well.  Anyone interested
in a timing belt party at my house?  :-) But thanks anyway, your
offer was very nice!


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