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I did previously use Boge Turbo gas ('cuz of price ) and H&R's (~1997) on my
4000Q which then handled like a go cart (a bit taught) but the car does weigh
nearly ~1500 lbs less?  I have ~200,000 miles on that set up and the car is
sitting in the yard under a tarp. (slow death?)

Maybe I bought into the Bilstein ($$$) hype for the 200, installing them was
a challenge.  My brother cut the "ring nut (cap)" tool Bilstein gave us to
complete the install. Customer service was little help although I did get
some response (after the front shock installation) this week from a kid at
Bilstein (fax 858 386 5905) in California who got a shop tech to translate
some of the German instructions to English.  Sort of helpful. Bentley manual
- no help OEM directions only which differ greatly.  I had to ask Chris
Semple of a few questions which he answered to guide us with
the installation.  I have only 100 miles on the fronts which amplify the need
to change the rears.....
In six boxes I got during my purchase (thru different vendors two were wrong
application) only one had a special tool for the slick looking "ring nut
(cap)". I had to beg and argue with customer service to GET A SPECIAL TOOL,
which they claimed was in every box (fronts maybe?) Only the shock inserts
from Force Five had the tool. (ONE did)
After buying the ~$50 Zelda tool from for the OEM Audi parts to
remove the old "cap" (then discard it and the use for the Zelda tool) upon
using Bilstein parts.
So I have two Bilstein special wrenches, one specially cut for my brother's
Bilsteins going back in the front suspension make five or so items in the
strut reassembly (that the Bentley shows) throw away items.
Maybe someone has detailed instructions for me who like the assembly answer
even since we (bro and I) made right by trial and error.

I'll post photos of our ordeal this week at under the audi
rings in the upper corner.  It'll appear this week. Not there today.

Footnote: Boges are lifetime too. But the OEM Boges that come on the car
fresh off the dealer lot aren't warranted as lifetime. So if you replace
"them Boges" with replacement lifetime Boges:  A time saver is get the Zelda
tool and the taking out of the  cartridge and replacement should be less than
30 minutes.  that tool made disassembly amazingly easy.  Just mark the three
camber adjust nuts (to realign them after shock swap) on the top and the
install is alignment free and super easy.
-Scott in BOSTON

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> Four brand new Bilsteins were put my 200 at 173582.  The 200 now
> has 203,019 on it and the front driver's side shock is completely
> blown, the front passenger side isn't doing that much better.  When
> I looked at the price to replace the Bilsteins I was troubled, so
> I started looking into Boge and found they were a good alternative,
> especially for rougher driving conditions.

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