Brake Warning Light

Brett Dikeman brett at
Sun Mar 10 16:53:05 EST 2002

At 10:41 AM -0800 3/10/02, Gronberg wrote:

>I know th light will flash if the bomb is bad on initial brake

You're speaking of the low-pressure warning switch.  Any of a number
of things can cause the low pressure switch to activate; dead bomb or
a leaking check valve, pump that can't deliver enough
pressure/slipping belt, low fluid level, NO fluid, etc.

>, but the light is constantly on- it used to flicker off occasionally
>but now it doesn't even do that anymore. Any suggestions?

One of the things that can cause this is a low or nearly empty
reservoir.  Make sure the fluid is half-way between min+max.

Generally, when the e-brake handle is pulled, the brake light will
get slightly brighter(BTDT on both my old 5000 and the 200q20v.)

Generally when warning lights come on you stop driving the car and
check it out immediately...

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