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Constantine at QuattroMotion, who did the install for you called and
reported to me a consistent 22 psig for awhile and then things began
falling apart.

Suggest rotating the distributor as far clockwise as possible while
still allowing the car to start.  Sounds like a possible timing belt
issue, with synchronization with the flywheel and distributor out of
sync when the belt tightens.

This is just a quick shot from the hip, but I've seen it before.

Another shot:  The former Dean Treadway's 3B powered '90 coupe had that
problem.  A new distributor fixed it.  Intermittent hall unit when hot.
Was throwing an wild voltage spike from time to time and the computer
could not fault the hall unit (pulses were being seen) so it just
reported a 1111.  In this case it was the
 "Electrical interferences from outside sources" option of the 1111.

Duck, a third shot:  Salt on the wires around the intake manifold and
the grounding strap on the engine.  Thousand Oaks, CA was noted for that
issue as well as other ocean side communities or where salt is applied
to the roads.

It was about this time that I found Stabilant 22 a contact enhancer.
That fix a lot of issues.  Now I use ProGold from Caig Laboratories

You may continue to work with me on this if you wish.

Put on your troubleshooting cap here.  Think about the fact that you had
22 psig for awhile.  Something must have happened to the car, because
the problem is not fixed by the use of a spare computer.


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I got my ecu with the IA III+ yesterday, pluged it in and got no more
than stock, actulla less with spikes at about 10psi.
Tried a friends ecu with same programing and same so Im guessing its my
cause with the problem.
My BPV is only a couple of months old, I swapped the little sensor by
the bpv "Iforget what its called know" the one with 3 vac lines and a
connector on it.
Well still the same. Seems like I just loose the boost.
Checked all the possible leaks and nothing.
Eng light comes on after a while, so im off to pull codes now.

Any Ideas would help.

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