survey: IA 20vt chip generating code 1111

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Try this and report back to me:

   -- Start and drive the car for half an hour or until the computer is
good and warm.  More than a hot water bottle warm.

   -- Disconnect the computer.  This action wipes all the contacts.  Let
it sit for 10 minutes.  Don't cheat on the time here.  It takes that
long sometimes for the charges in the capacitors to fade away.

   --  Plug it back in (wipes the contacts again) and go.

This can NOT be cleared by a scan tool!!!  I've tried.  The 1111 goes
away but comes right back like you are experiencing.

Oh, one other thing to think about.  A blink code of 1111 also has the
option of "Electrical interferences from outside sources"  I think that
option was added by Audi because there are some weird things that just
are not explainable.

And I guess another thing since I just thought of it:

Get yourself some ProGold Contact Enhancer.
With it conduction takes place through a very thin film of ProGold by
means of a quantum- mechanical phenomenon called "tunneling."

To avoid detouring into a discussion in physics, simply stated,
electrons travel from one side of a thin film of ProGold to the other
without passing through. (This is the same effect that gave the tunnel
diode its name).

ProGold fills the gaps in the contact surfaces, increasing the surface
area and current flow (conductivity). ProGold penetrates the plated
surface and molecularly bonds to the base metals to seal and protect it.


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Quick survey, please.  If you have a 200q20v or S-car and one of
Ned's chips, please email me and let me know if your car throws a
code 1111(on the 3B, this is a "bad ecu" code; dunno what code it is
for the S-cars.)  I'd like to know three things: which car, which
level of mod(III, III+, etc), and whether you get the code or not(I
want to hear from both.)

Basically, my 200q20v generates the code within about 4-5 minutes of
starting the engine; it is extremely repeatable.  Pull fuse to reset,
put fuse back, start car, boom, get code.  I've confirmed it is not a
grounding problem; besides, the car was perfectly fine before the ECU
was shipped out; this only cropped up when the ECU came back.

Note:I have a light I specifically installed in the dash check engine
light position.  Only CA cars have this bulb installed from the
factory; if you have an IA ecu but no bulb, and have a few minutes to
kill, please go and pull the codes from the ECU to make sure there is
no 1111 code stored.  If it doesn't light up at all during normal
operation(switching on the ignition etc) then you don't have the bulb
installed.  Incidentally, installing the bulb is very easy and I
highly recommend it(and no, you don't need to pull the wheel or
airbag or anything.)

If someone wouldn't mind forwarding this to the S-car list, I'd
appreciate it.

Much obliged.

PS:ah, of course, reply in private with your details.  I'll
tally+summarize back to the list in a bit.
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