Cold Air Coming from Passenger Footwell

Jobe Tichy bimmer_dude at
Tue Mar 12 02:07:08 EST 2002


I am a newly acclamated 200tq 20v owner, so I am still getting used to the
climate control operation.  I have a quick question regarding what appears
to be cold (possibly fresh outside air) coming from the footwell of the
passenger side of the car.  Even when I had it on HI heat, cold air would
come out (possibly blended to a luke warm).  Is this normal?  Even with
Defrost on, I would still feel air on the feet. It is not too big of a deal.
  But highway speeds in this COLD weather, it gets a little bothersome.
Would there be any fuse to look for that may be blown and preventing a vent
door from closing?  Thanks in advance.


<P>'91 200tq 20v</P>
<P>'84 BMW 318i (modified)</P>

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