When should Fresh-Air/Recirculation Flap open?

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Tue Mar 12 06:55:24 EST 2002

As I understand its use, the recirculation door should open when the A/C
has cooled the cabin sufficiently that it becomes more efficient for
further cooling for the A/C system to be getting its air more from the
already cooled interior than from outside.  Most A/C systems (even in a
building) can only lower whatever air they're treating by a small amount,
so to get really cold air, most need to start with almost-cold air, and the
only way to do that when atmospheric conditions are less than almost-cold
is to recirculate the air you've been cooling already.  So, I would guess
that the A/C controller relies partially on the cabin air sensors to tell
it when it's appropriate to open the flap.

At 10:20 PM 03/11/2002 -0800, Scalmanini Steve wrote:

>Can anyone tell me when the Fresh-Air/Recirculation
>Flap should open?  I replaced the broken spring
>earlier today (Thankyou Doyt Echelberger and Kneale
>Brownson)       then checked the flap on all CC settings at
>max and min temperature, and the flap never opened.
>Does anyone know under what conditions it should open?
>  I couldn't find it in the Bentley.
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