Ignition Switch

RICHARD MEZIC rmezic at keyspanenergy.com
Wed Mar 13 08:52:17 EST 2002

My 1991 Audi 200 doesn't start.  The dash lights and "key-in buzzer"
continue even after the ignition key is removed.  Sounds to me like its the
ignition switch - not turning all the way to start, and not turning off all
the way either.  (No tell-tale symptoms beforehand - hard to turn the key
the last few days, etc. - no easy hints like that.)

Is this a drastically hard procedure.  ie, do I have to remove the steering
wheel, drop the column, remove the dash, etc... to get to it?

I'm assuming it's actually the electric switch module behind the key
cylinder lock, and not the lock itself?  <$50 for a new one?

On the bright side, this may be an opportunity to have the critical points
on the dashboard resoldered...

"Please take your extra key off of your keychain.  Or have the Audi key on
its own keychain.", I said.

She replies, "Yeah, yeah, whatever....  You and that Audi-Internet-Club.  I
can't believe you e-mail each other with your problems... and somebody
replies and knows how to fix it!"

Fast forward a few months.  She calls to the office, "The car doesn't start!
And all the lights stay on!"....

As always, thanks for the help.


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