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I've had nothing but great success with the Bilstein
HDs with the factory springs on both the Sedan and
Avant. GREAT combination! (no lower springs here in
NH, need the clearance for sno, mud and seriously bad
roads, frost-heaves big as mountains, etc.

I have seen blown Konis on 4KQs before. One on my 84
4KQ road-race car might be getting weak...

The 20+ year old Konis on my 73 RA IV 455HO Pontiac
are still going strong.



--- Brett Dikeman <brett at> wrote:
> At 7:54 PM -0500 3/9/02, Chris Covington wrote:
> >I like my Boge Turbogases myself.  Not harsh, I
> believe they have a
> >lifetime warranty of some sort but I'm not sure,
> and not too expensive.
> >I don't buy the Bilstein "good for life" thing.  At
> twice the price, for
> >me, I'd rather change Boges every 75K, or whatever,
> then trust a Bilstein
> >with 75K on it vs. a Boge with 0K.  I've seen a lot
> of posts on this board
> >and the s-car-list of blown Bilsteins...
> My personal/family experience and knowledge goes
> completely contrary
> to all of the above.
> I've never heard of a blown Bilstein nor any
> reliability
> problems(until now), and I've run the 200q20v list
> from the start.
> One of the reasons I specifically selected the
> Bilstein/H&R combo
> because so many others had as well...I would have
> remembered such
> problems if I had come across them during my
> research.
> Are you thinking of Konis?  They have an
> astronomical dead-on-arrival
> rate(as in, they're blown before they even get
> installed); every
> mechanic I've talked to says he thoroughly
> inspects/tests them before
> they go into a customer's car because of the
> reliability problems;
> further, my father has personal experience with a
> Koni adjustable
> that died within a few hundred miles of installation
> in his 944.  It
> actually caused the airbags to deploy when he hit a
> pothole.  I think
> he should have sued for damages(two airbags, new
> dash, new
> windshield...not cheap.)
> Way back when we had the 5000, the Boge replacement
> shocks purchased
> from a dealer failed within a year of light use; the
> dealer refused
> to honor the warrantee on them for some reason(don't
> remember why.)
> My father never set foot in Pass&Weiss(not sure I'm
> spelling that
> right) again.
> Brett
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