[s-cars] Re: 200q20v driveshaft bushing p/n's??

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 13 14:27:34 EST 2002

Jerry et al,

Another thing to check before, or in concert with, looking at bushings,
cv's, or the center support bearing is your tranny mounts.  I had, I believe
from your description, the same driveshaft rattle in my car; dissapeared
upon changing the tranny mounts.  Also changed subframe bushings and
addressed other sundry details at the same time, but I do think those had no

Best of luck.

Derek Pulvino

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>Subject: [s-cars] Re: 200q20v driveshaft bushing p/n's??
>Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 19:41:14 -0000
>Bushings?  You mean CV joints?  I had that problem.  Boots were fine,
>but the grease had caked (heat from the exhaust despite the
>shield?).  Anyway, I disassembled the CV joints, cleaned them,
>reassembled them, and repacked with fresh grease.  No problemo.  You
>can do this yourself for the cost of some fresh grease.
>1. Drop exhaust after the cat.
>2. Remove heat shields.
>3. Drop driveshaft (6(?)x2 CV joint bolts and 2 carrier bearing
>It helps to have a friend changing the car in and out of gear, while
>you are under the car rotating the driveshaft to get to all of the
>If you have damaged the CV joint, I do not know what p/n you would
>order to rebuild it, but something will work.  I would look at it
>before you order anything, because the CV joint may be fine,
>especially if you addressed your rattling noise quickly.  BTDT.
>Good luck,
>Jimmy P.
>--- In s-car-list at y..., "Beer, Jerald" <gsfent at p...> wrote:
> > Mechanic thinks front and/or rear drivehshaft bushings bad, causing
> > rattle. Center bearing checks OK. Anyone have part #'s? TIA
> > Regards,
> > Jerry
> > 91 200qa
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